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Consolidated Marine Pollution Act on the Cards

March 18, 2021

Department of Transport

The transport department plans to consolidate all marine pollution legislation into a single piece of marine pollution legislation.

In Government Gazette 44276, the department invites stakeholders to provide proposals on a possible contents page for a future consolidated marine pollution environment act.

According to the department, the initiative flows from the Comprehensive Maritime Transport Policy launched in 2017.

Cabinet approved the Policy in May 2017 and it was published in Government Gazette 40904 in June 2017.

The Policy serves as South Africa’s policy on maritime transport affairs.

The executive summary declares that the Policy constitutes the “embodiment of Government’s commitment to the growth, development and transformation of South Africa’s maritime transport sector.”

A Draft National Maritime Policy was released for comment in 2008.

Some of the policy’s strategic objectives include to:

• Develop and grow South Africa to be an international Maritime Centre in Africa serving its maritime transport customers in particular and world trade in general.
• Contribute towards the competitiveness of South Africa’s global trade.
• Promote the participation of local entrepreneurs in the shipping industry and marine manufacturing and promote the increase of ships under the South African Flag Registry.
• Provide a clear framework around which operators, customers, investors and funders can freely participate in the maritime transport market to improve growth, performance and competitiveness of the total Maritime Transport sector.
• Develop and maintain a competitive ship registration system.

Policy statements include a coherent and integrated policy and strategy, an effective maritime transport function within government, a transformed and growing maritime transport sector, a globally competitive port system, a sustainable development and growth of local marine manufacturing including off-shore industries and related services, an effective modally integrated maritime transport sector and an effective socio-economic programme for the development of small harbours.

Submissions are invited until 30 April 2021.