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Compulsory Specification for Processed Meat Products Drawn Up

August 12, 2019

Department of Trade and Industry

12 August 2019

A Compulsory Specification for Processed Meat Products has been drawn up.

The trade and industry department published the Compulsory Specification in Government Gazette 42628.

A Compulsory Specification sets down product characteristics and/or their related processes and production methods including applicable administrative provisions to which compliance is mandatory.

Compulsory Specification (VC 9100) flows from the National Regulator for Compulsory Specifications Act as amended by the Legal Metrology Act.

It applies to the handling, preparation, processing, packaging, refrigeration, freezing, chilling, labeling, marking and storage of heat treated and ready to eat (RTE) processed meat products.

The microbiological and food safety-related compositional requirements of the products is also included.

The Compulsory Specification does not apply to “requirements for canned meats, raw boerewors, species sausages, mixed species sausages, poultry meat and red meat (cattle, sheep, goat and pig) which are untreated or treated in such a way that the product still looks like a normal raw carcass, cut, portion or pieces (whether fresh or frozen)…”.

Shops, retail, hotels, boarding houses, delis, butcheries, restaurants or other eating establishments that do not manufacture processed meat products are also excluded from the Compulsory Specification.

It also specifies that imported processed meat products must originate from a facility approved for export in the country of origin and be approved by the agriculture, land reform and rural development department.

The Compulsory Specification comes into effect two months from the date of publication.