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Compensation Fund to Undertake Visits and Audits

July 15, 2022

Department of Employment and Labour

The Compensation Fund plans to undertake employer engagements, site visits and audits in establishing effective registration and compliance to the Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Diseases Act.

The employment and labour department announced the audits and visits in Government Gazette 47018.

The department calls on employers, both registered and unregistered, including domestic employers, to ensure effective registration and compliance with the act.

Employers can expect site visits and audits by representatives of the Compensation Fund.

Meanwhile, diving entities have been instructed to reapply for certification as required by Regulation 3(11) of the 2022 Commercial Diving Regulations.

In a statement, the employment and labour department confirmed that the direction applies to all commercial divers, diving supervisors, diving instructors and commercial diving schools.

The regulations were published in Gazette 46380 in May 2022 in terms of the Occupational Health and Safety Act.

They were published for comment in 2020.

Issues covered include plant and machinery; medical surveillance; control of commercial diving operations; commercial diver; systems technician; diving technical committee and prohibitions.

The statement follows a Commercial Divers Workshop hosted by the department at the University of Cape Town on 13 July 2022.

The workshop dealt with the application of the Occupational Health and Safety legislation in the commercial diving industry, the training standards for commercial divers, new regulations within the commercial diving sector as well as the sector’s logistical processes.

In another statement following a workshop on the Regulations in Gqeberha, the department’s senior specialist: occupational health and hygiene, Bulelwa Huna, declared that the “core values as reflected in ILO standards on occupational safety and health are expressed in three main principles being that the diving activities should take place in a safe and healthy working environment; conditions of commercial diving activities should be consistent with divers and workers’ wellbeing and human dignity; and work and commercial diving activities should offer real possibilities for personal achievement, self-fulfillment and service to society”.