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Compensation Fund to Cover Employees on Covid-19 Vaccine

October 26, 2021

Department of Employment and Labour

The Compensation Fund will cover employees for injuries, illness or death as a result of receiving a Covid-19 vaccine.

The Compensation Commissioner confirmed this in Government Gazette 45358.

The notice on compensation for Covid-19 vaccination side-effects, published in terms of the Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Diseases Act, points out that compensation will only occur “where an employee is required by the employer to receive vaccination as an inherent requirement of employment or where vaccination is required based on the OHS risk assessment conducted by the employer”.

Requirements include that vaccination must be regarded as an inherent requirement of the job as determined by the employer’s risk assessment; vaccines need to be SAHPRA-approved Covid-19 vaccines; employer’s Risk Assessment and Vaccination Plan to be in place and employees must have presented with symptoms and clinical signs that are generally recognised as side effects of Covid-19 vaccines.

The Commissioner highlighted that the notice “must not be interpreted to establish any law, regulation or rule that employers may subject their employees to vaccine inoculation against their will”.