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Compensation Fund Notes Rising COVID-19 Claims

September 25, 2020

Department of Employment and Labour

The Compensation Fund Commissioner, Vuyo Mafata, has called on workplaces to remain vigilant and enforce the expected standards of safety, hygiene and the required Covid-19 protocols to ensure that workers are not unnecessarily exposed to danger.

Mafata also appealed to all workers to “ensure that they take the necessary responsibility of operating in safe environments and they shield themselves and their families from danger”.

In a statement, the employment and labour department pointed out that the Compensation Fund has received a total of 7612 claims of which 4821 have been submitted directly to the Compensation Fund while 2555 have been submitted via Rand Mutual Assurance and 236 through Federated Employers.

“In the same period, a total of R561 530 have been paid for temporary total disablement, R51 477 as permanent disability lump sum and R664 667 paid out in medical aid costs.”

The department indicated that a total of 6840 workplace inspections have been conducted since the country went into lockdown and compliance remains “shockingly inadequate”.

Of the total number of inspections carried out, only 3787 have been compliant while 3053 workplaces were non-compliant.

The Inspector General, Aggy Moiloa, declared that the “level of compliance is at a shocking rate of 58 percent in both the private and government sectors. What this means in reality is that out of every 100 workplaces inspected, 46 are noncompliant. Taking into account that we have an added complication of Covid-19 to take into consideration, this means that employers are not showing the necessary resolve to deal with workplace health and safety issues”.