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Comment Sought on Regulations on Lead in Paint

November 3, 2021

Department of Health

Comment is sought on Draft Regulations Relating to Lead in Paint or Coating Materials.

The health department published the Draft Regulations in Government Gazette 45396 in terms of the Hazardous Substances Act.

The department recently, in Gazette 45352, announced its intention to declare lead in paint or coating material as a Group II hazardous substance in terms of the act.

The Draft Regulations apply to the manufacture, sale, distribution, import and export of all paints or similar coating materials.

They focus on, inter alia, permissible lead concentration; testing by manufacturers and importers; compliance declaration certification; sampling and analysis for compliance monitoring; labelling and importation of paint or similar coating materials.

The Draft Regulations propose that the “total lead concentration applicable to paints or similar coating materials must not be more than 0.009 percent (90 ppm) or 90 mg/kg total lead (calculated as lead metal), based on the weight of the total non-volatile content of the paint or weight of the dried paint film”.

Comment is invited within three months of the date of publication.

In Notice 1457, the department published Draft Regulations Defining the Scope of the Profession of Occupational Therapy for comment.

The Draft Regulations were drawn up in terms of the Health Professions Act.

Included in the Draft Regulations is specific occupational therapy acts; occupational and pre-occupational categories of the occupational therapy profession and pre-occupational categories.

Comment is invited within three months of the date of publication.

Meanwhile, in a recent joint statement, the department and the South African Medical Research Council confirmed that Janssen® (J&J) vaccine booster doses will be administered to health workers as part of the Sisonke Boost Phase 3B study.

“We are in the final stages of approvals from the regulators and ethics review committees, and vaccination will be open to all health workers, including pregnant and breastfeeding women, who received a first dose of the Janssen® (J&J) vaccine as part of the Sisonke study.”

Sisonke booster vaccinations will get underway on 8 November 2021.