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Comment Sought on National Nuclear Regulator Bill

June 24, 2021

Department of Mineral Resources and Energy

The mineral resources and energy department seeks comment on the Draft National Nuclear Regulator Amendment Bill.

Published in Government Gazette 44749, the draft bill aims to authorize the National Nuclear Regulator to perform additional regulatory functions.

The draft bill aims to amend the National Nuclear Regulator Act, 1999, so as to:

• substitute certain definitions and insert new definitions;
• authorise the Regulator to perform additional regulatory functions;
• provide for the transfer of an authorisation;
• provide for additional powers of inspectors;
• provide for financial provision for costs associated with safe rehabilitation or decommissioning of nuclear facilities;
• provide for administrative fines;
• provide for the establishment of the National Dose Register to provide for a centralised database of radiation workers; and
• provide for matters connected therewith.

Cabinet approved the draft bill in May 2021 for public comment.

According to the cabinet statement, the proposed legislation seeks to address the existing gaps in the current act.

It also strengthens the enforcement provisions of the inspectors and the occupational safety exposure risks for the air crews.

The draft bill is also designed to align with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) prescripts and its best practice as South Africa is a member of the IAEA.

Comment is invited until 20 September 2021.