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Comment Sought on Merchant Shipping Regulations

March 16, 2022

Department of Transport

Draft Merchant Shipping (Construction and Equipment of Fishing Vessels of 24 metres in Length and over) Regulations have been published for comment.

The transport department published the draft regulations in Government Gazette 46032 in terms of the Merchant Shipping Act.

The draft regulations give effect to the Cape Town Agreement and provide for the safety of registered fishing vessels or fishing vessels required to be registered or licensed in terms of the act.

The proposed regulations focus on surveys; construction, watertight integrity and equipment; stability and associated seaworthiness; machinery and electrical installations and periodically unattended machinery spaces; fire protection, fire detection, fire extinction and fire fighting; protection of the crew; crew environment; shipborne navigational equipment and arrangements; life saving appliances and arrangements and emergency procedures, musters and drills.

Once promulgated, the draft regulations will apply to every new registered fishing vessel or fishing vessel of 24 metres in length and over required to be registered or licenced in terms of the act.

Existing vessels will need to comply within two years after promulgation.

The draft regulations will not apply to vessels used only for sport or recreation; for processing fish or other living resources of the sea; for research and training or as fish carriers.

Comment is invited within 30 days of the date of publication.