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Comment Sought on Liquor Products Amendment Bill

July 19, 2017

Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries

Parliament seeks comment on the Liquor Products Amendment Bill.

The bill was tabled in parliament in July 2016.

The proposed legislation seeks to amend the Liquor Products Act in order to:

• insert certain definitions and to amend and delete others;
• provide for the renaming and reconstitution of the Wine and Spirit Board and to limit its powers;
• provide for requirements regarding beer, traditional African beer and other fermented beverages;
• repeal a provision in respect of the authorisations regarding certain alcoholic products;
• empower the Minister to designate a person to issue export certificates;
• align certain provisions with the constitution;
• extend the ministers power to make regulations;
• provide gender-equal terminology; and
• provide for matters connected therewith.

The portfolio committee on agriculture, forestry and fisheries has also called for comment on the National Forests Amendment Bill tabled in parliament in July 2016.

The proposed legislation was published for comment in 2015.

The aim of the bill is to amend the National Forests Act of 1998 and to:

• provide for clear definitions of natural forests and woodlands;
• provide for public trusteeship of the nation’s forestry resources;
• increase the promotion and enforcement of sustainable forest management;
• increase the measures provided for in the Act to control and remedy deforestation;
• provide for appeals against decisions taken under delegated powers and duties;
• reinforce offences and penalties; and
• provide for matters connected therewith.

Comment has also been called on the National Veld and Forest Fire Amendment Bill tabled in November 2016.

The draft bill was published for comment in 2015.

The bill aims to:

• Amend the National Veld and Forest Fire Act so as to insert new and to provide clarity on certain definitions;
• Provide for the facilitation of the formation of fire protection associations by a municipality or a traditional council;
• Compel a municipality, state-owned enterprise, public entities or other organ of state which owns land to join the fire protection associations;
• Extend the powers of entry, search, seizure and arrest to peace officers and traditional leaders; and
• Amend the title of the Act to National Veldfire Act.

Comment on all three bills is invited until 4 August 2017.

Public hearings on all three bills will also take place in parliament on 15 and 16 August 2017.

Meanwhile, in a statement, the agriculture, forestry and fisheries department has released decisions on the 2015/16 Fishing Rights Allocation Process with regard to the hake inshore trawl (HIT) sector appeals.

91 appeals were reviewed and determined.

The department points out that the allocations granted to all successful appellants and applicants are conditional.

“A verification process of several assertions, allegations and information submitted by appellants will be conducted.”

The rewards pool has been removed and the entire total allowable catch (TAC) has been allocated.

Category A applicants will share 70% of the TAC with new entrants in the HIT sector sharing the remaining 30%.