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Comment Sought on Digital Sound Broadcasting Services Regulations

November 17, 2020

Independent Communications Authority

The Independent Communications Authority (ICASA) seeks comment on Draft Digital Sound Broadcasting (DSB) Services Regulations.

The call for comment was published in Government Gazette 43900.

The proposed regulations follow an Inquiry into the use of DSB in South Africa.

DSB is defined as an “audio broadcasting technology intended to deliver superior quality sound using digital communications technology. It is a digital signal delivery system capable of delivering sound and data”.

The aim of the draft regulations is to set out the framework for the introduction of DSB services and prescribe the procedure for an applicant seeking to provide DSB services.

The draft regulations will apply to sound broadcasting licensees seeking to provide digital sound broadcasting services.

The draft regulations focus on the framework for DSB services; multi-channel distributor for DSB services; standards applicable to DSB services; DSB MUX allocation; licensing of DSB services and channel authorization.

According to the draft regulations, DSB services will be introduced in a phased approach with phase 1 focused on primary markets and phase 2 in secondary markets.

The proposed regulations also stipulate that a sound broadcasting service licensee may, as set out in Annexure A, apply to ICASA for a channel authorisation to add a new DSB service to an existing DSB service.
Comment is invited until 29 December 2020.