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Comment on Tourism Amendment Bill Extended

June 19, 2019

Department of Tourism

19 June 2019

The comment period for the Draft Tourism Amendment Bill has been extended.

The tourism department published the extension in Government Gazette 42532.

The draft bill, designed to provide for the determination of thresholds for short-term home sharing, was published for comment in April 2019.

The draft bill aims to amend the Tourism Act of 2014, so as to:

• provide for certain definitions;
• provide for the determination of thresholds for short -term home sharing;
• provide for the renaming of the South African Tourism Board as South African Tourism;
• provide for additional competence requirements of tourists guides;
• provide for the regulation of safety in relation to tourist guiding and the improvement of the tourist guiding experience; and
• provide for matters connected herewith.

Clause 22 stipulates that the tourism minister can make regulations necessary to enhance tourist safety and the tourist guiding experience including setting permissible ratios of tourist guides to tourists.

The draft bill also proposes that the board can delegate or assign powers or duties to a committee of the board, to an employee of South African Tourism or with the concurrence of the minister to any other suitable body.

The proposed legislation also calls for the Registrar, when absent from office, to designate a departmental official to act as Registrar.

Comment is now invited until 15 July 2019.