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Comment on Norms and Standards on Organic Waste Extended

May 25, 2021

Department of Forestry, Fisheries and the Environment

Comment on the Draft National Norms and Standards for the Treatment of Organic Waste has been extended.

The Draft Norms and Standards were published in Government Gazette 44340 in March 2021 for comment.

They were drafted in terms of the National Environmental Management: Waste Act.

The Draft Norms and Standards aim to control the processing of organic waste material at any facility that falls within the threshold as described in paragraph 3 in order to avoid, prevent or minimise potential negative impacts on the biophysical environment.

They focus on application; feedstocks and technologies; minimum requirements for the design and planning phase; minimum requirements for the construction phase; minimum requirements for security and access control; operation; general requirements; management of incidents; operational monitoring, auditing and reporting; minimum requirements during decommissioning phase; training and capacity building and transitional arrangements.

The forestry, fisheries and the environment department published the extension notice in Gazette 44602.

Comment is invited until 30 July 2021.