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Comment on National Infrastructure Plan 2050 Extended

September 14, 2021

Department of Public Works and Infrastructure

Comment on the Draft National Infrastructure Plan (NIP) 2050 has been extended.

The public works and infrastructure department announced the extension in Government Gazette 45129.

The Draft NIP was published for comment in Gazette 44951 in August 2021.

In an earlier statement, the department pointed out that the NIP 2050 was prepared by Infrastructure South Africa over a period of six months working closely with sector specialists and other stakeholders.

The department added that the NIP 2050 offers a “strategic vision and plan that links top NDP objectives to actionable steps and intermediate outcomes”.

The NIP 2050 focuses on strengthening State Owned Enterprises performance; sector specific regulation; state capacity and private participation in public infrastructure delivery and management.

In the first iteration, the NIP 2050 will focus on the critical network infrastructure sectors of energy, freight transport, water, and digital communications.

In the second version, NIP 2050 will extend to distributed infrastructure and related municipal services.

NIP 2050 also focuses on building a regional agenda for infrastructure; financing infrastructure and maintenance; strengthening institutions for delivery; rebuilding a vibrant and empowered civil construction and supplier sectors and monitoring and reporting on progress.

Comment is now invited until 1 October 2021.