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Comment on National Data and Cloud Policy Extended

May 17, 2021

Department of Communications and Digital Technologies

The comment period on the Draft National Data and Cloud Policy has been extended.

The communications and digital technologies department published the Draft Policy in Government Gazette 44411 for comment on 1 April 2021.

The draft policy is designed to ensure informed policy development based on data analytics and promote South Africa’s data sovereignty and security.

It was drafted in terms of the Electronic Communications Act.

The draft policy also aims to enable South Africans to realise the socio-economic value of data through the alignment of existing policies, legislation and regulations.

It also seeks to put in place a conducive and enabling environment for the data ecosystem to thrive.

Objectives include promoting connectivity and access to data and cloud services; removing regulatory barriers and enabling competition; ensuring implementation of effective cybersecurity privacy and data and cloud infrastructure protection measures; putting institutional mechanisms in place for the governance of data and cloud services; supporting the development of small, medium, and micro enterprises and providing for research, innovation, and human capital development.

The draft policy points out that, in order to unlock the value of data, there are “key policy issues that need to be addressed such as increasing the pool of collectable data, enhancing data analytic capacities, and promoting responsible decision making for growth and well-being”.

Policy issues include digital infrastructure; access to data and cloud services; data protection; cybersecurity measures; governance and institutional mechanisms; competition; skills and capacity development and research, innovation and related human capital development.

Published in Gazette 44568, comment is now invited until 1 June 2021.

Meanwhile, in Gazette 44569, the Independent Communications Authority published the Second Sport Broadcasting Services Amendment Regulations.

A new subregulation 10 is inserted into Regulation 10.

It lists the regulations that, if contravened, a broadcasting service licensee will be guilty of an offence.

The amendment Regulations came into effect on the date of publication.