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Comment on Draft GBVF Framework Extended

September 12, 2019

Government Communications

12 September 2019

The deadline for comment on the Draft Gender-Based Violence and Femicide (GBVF) National Strategic Framework has been extended.

The extension was made by the Interim Steering Committee on GBVF.

The Interim Steering Committee was formed as per article 3 of the Declaration on GBVF tasked with drafting a National Strategic Plan (NSP) Framework and setting up a Multi–Sector GBVF Council designed to champion work around the national GBVF campaign.

The Declaration on Gender-based Violence and Femicide was adopted during the Presidential Summit held in November 2018.

The GBVF National Strategic Plan (2020 – 2030) sets out to provide a cohesive strategic framework to guide the national response to the GBVF crisis that South Africa finds itself in.

According to an earlier statement, the plan “represents a clear national response to the call by activists for the government of South Africa and all living in South Africa to make our country a safe place for women, children and gender non-conforming individuals in which their lives and well-being are celebrated and valued, and in which gender-based violence and femicide will not be tolerated”.

Comment is now invited until 18 September 2019.