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Classification Guidelines for Films and Games Drawn Up

July 6, 2022

Department of Communications and Digital Technologies

Revised Classification Guidelines for the Classification of Films, Games and Certain Publications have been drawn up.

The communications and digital technologies department published the Guidelines in Government Gazette 46649.

They were drafted by the Film and Publication Board (FPB).

The FPB is responsible for the classification of films, games and certain publications and no film or game may be distributed or exhibited in public unless it has been classified by the FPB.

According to the Guidelines, the FPB classifies films, games and certain publications through the provision of age-ratings and consumer advisories.

“This ensures that consumers of content, and particularly parents and guardians, by being informed of what may be contained therein are able to ensure that children are not prematurely exposed to harmful content that may have a socio-psychological impact on their development.”

The Guidelines focus on classifiable elements; purpose and application of the Guidelines; films and trailers; games and publications.

The Guidelines come into effect one month after the date of publication.