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CIDB Publishes Standard for Construction Works Contracts

August 13, 2019

Department of Public Works

13 August 2019

The Standard for Uniformity in Engineering and Construction Works Contracts has been drawn up.

The public works department published the standard in Government Gazette 42622.

It was published in terms of the Construction Industry Development Board Act.

The Standard, drafted by the Construction Industry Development Board (cidb), sets down requirements for engineering and construction works contracts aimed at bringing about standardisation and uniformity in construction contracts documentation, practices and procedures.

It focuses on, inter alia, solicitation of tender offers, competitive selection procedures, process for evaluation of tenders on functionality, tender data, contract data, subcontracting as a condition to tender and applying the cidb register of contractors to public contracts.

Annexures include standard tender notice and invitation to tender, form of offer and acceptance, standard conditions of tender, standard conditions for the calling for expressions of interest and record of addenda to tender documents.

Meanwhile, in Notice 422, the department announced the establishment of the cidb Best Practice Project Assessment Scheme.

It consists of five best practices including cidb Best Practice: Green Building Certification; cidb Standard for Developing Skills through Infrastructure Contracts; cidb Standard for Contract Participation Goals for Targeting Enterprises and Labour through Construction Works Contracts and cidb Standard for Minimum Requirements for Engaging Contractors and Sub Contractors on Construction Works Contracts.

The Scheme came into effect on 25 July 2019.