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Broadcast Digital Migration on Track

October 8, 2021

Department of Communications and Digital Technologies

The communications and digital technologies department is working hard to ensure that South Africa completes the broadcast digital migration by 31 March 2022.

The communications and digital technologies minister, Khumbudzo Ntshavheni, declared this in a statement on broadcast digital migration and analogue switch-off.

The minister confirmed that the goal date was set by president Ramaphosa during the 2021 State of the Nation Address.

She added that the goal will be met by the implementation of the Digital Migration Plan approved by Cabinet on 29 September 2021.

In its statement, cabinet pointed out that “substantial progress has been made in migrating some parts of the country from analogue to digital platforms”.

Cabinet added that “South Africa is one of many countries in the world that have committed to expedite the digital migration project, which will lead to a complete analogue switch-off in 2022”.

The minister indicated that, since the process to register beneficiary households for assistance with the installation of set-top boxes commenced in 2015, 1.184 million qualifying households have been registered out of the estimated 3.75 million qualifying households (as per StatsSA 2018 data).

She added that, so far, 556 954 beneficiary households have been migrated.

The minister also pointed out that cabinet has approved the adoption of a Managed Integrated Model that actively involves all broadcast media players in ramping up the set-top box installation capacity through the use of their boxes to ensure rapid reach.

A Project Steering Committee, chaired by the minister, has been set up comprising CEOs and technology executives of all affected and participating stakeholders and will meet on a fortnightly basis to lead the switchover process.

A project manager has also been appointed to oversee the digital migration and ASO process.

The department plans to report to cabinet on a monthly basis and update the nation on progress at least once a month.