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Bargaining Council on Restaurants Main Collective Agreement Extended

January 12, 2021

Department of Employment and Labour

The Bargaining Council for the Fast Food, Restaurant, Catering and Allied Trades Main Collective Agreement has been extended to non-parties.

The employment and labour department announced the extension in Government Gazette 44058 in terms of the Labour Relations Act.

The extension to other employers and employees in the industry comes into effect on the second Monday after the date of publication until 31 August 2026.

Meanwhile, in a statement, the department urged all business to prioritise the health and safety of employees and take all necessary steps to prevent exposure to the Covid-19 virus as economic activity resumes this week.

The department’s director-general, Thobile Lamati, emphasized that “inspectors will continue to ensure that businesses and industries adhere to regulations but our inspectors cannot be everywhere at the same time.

Union representatives and ordinary employees provide the first line of compliance and must be on the lookout for conditions that may expose them to danger and either contact employers with a view to improvements or call our inspectors”.

Lamati pointed out that the Compensation Fund has, so far, paid out R30 million in claims and warned that, in the second wave, “we are likely to see exponentially higher numbers of infection if industries and business take the business-as-usual approach”.