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Banks Act Regulations Amended

April 6, 2022

National Treasury

Banks Act Regulations have been amended.

National treasury published the amended Regulations in Government Gazette 46159.

A new subregulation (6) on matters related to concentration risk is inserted into Regulation 24.

A new subregulation (7) on prescribed percentages and amounts relating to specified concentration risk is also inserted.

Subregulation (8) on matters related to exempt exposure, subregulation (9) on qualifying capital and reserve funds and related matters and subregulation (10) on matters related to TLAC are also amended.

Regulation 38 gets a new heading on capital adequacy, leverage and TLAC.

New definitions on “excluded instruments, liabilities or claims” and “other TLAC instrument or liability” are inserted.

The amended Regulations came into effect on 1 April 2022.