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Automotive Masterplan 2035 Under the Spotlight

August 14, 2019

Department of Trade and Industry

14 August 2019

Government remains committed to work in partnership with the local motor industry to implement the Automotive Masterplan 2035.

The trade and industry minister, Ebrahim Patel, confirmed this following a meeting with the leadership of the auto sector.

Present at the meeting were the CEOs of local vehicle manufacturers and the leadership of the National Association of Automobile Manufacturers of South Africa (NAAMSA).

The Masterplan was released in November 2018.

It aims to:

• Achieve 1% of global vehicle production by 2035 (increase from current 600 000 units to almost 1.4 million units a year);
• Increase local content from current 39% to 60%;
• Double employment in the value chain from current levels to about 240 000;
• Achieve at least level 4 BEE status from 2021; and
• Support to be based on value addition rather than production sales value.

According to an earlier trade and industry department statement, the Automotive Masterplan 2035 vision is the achievement of “a globally competitive and transformed industry that actively contributes to the sustainable development of South Africa’s productive economy, creating prosperity for industry stakeholders and broader society.”

In the latest statement, the department indicated that the meeting discussed new technologies and the impact of the African Continental Free Trade Agreement on the motor industry.

The minister will deliver a keynote address at the NAAMSA Automotive Conference later this month focused on the theme of re-imaging the future, together.