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Arts and Culture Conference Calls for Policy to be Finalised and Legislation Reviewed

May 22, 2011

Department of Arts and Culture

At a consultative conference hosted by the department of arts and culture and entitled ‘Mzanzi’s Golden Economy’, delegates called for policy positions to be finalised so that requirements for legislative reform could be assessed.

The purpose of the conference was to explore the contributions that could be made by arts, culture and the heritage sector towards implementing government’s new growth path.

Six commissions were formed, one of which was tasked with discussing:

· funding;
· a review of policy and legislation affecting the sector; and
· establishing a “cultural observatory”.

The commission made the following recommendations:

· that National Arts Council Act 56 of 1997 should be reviewed and, in particular, provisions relating to provincial funding and “historic ring-fenced funding”;
· draft legislation making provision for:

– the “entry point” at which an artist begins to receive royalties;
– a minimum fee for any musician working on an album;
– the percentage of local content in any advertisement featured by South African media;
– travel expenses in funding allocations to artists promoting their goods and services abroad; and

· a regulatory regime for broadcasters that encourages investment in new work.

In a declaration emerging from the conference it was proposed that, amongst other things, the department should initiate consultative processes aimed at:

· developing a charter to address ownership and transformation in the sector; and
· promoting and creating conditions for the development and use of indigenous languages.