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Appeals Process for 2021 FRAP Extended

May 30, 2022

Department of Forestry, Fisheries and the Environment

The appeals process for the 2021 Fishing Rights Allocation Process (FRAP) has been further extended.

In a statement, the forestry, fisheries and the environment department confirmed that the period for FRAP appeals commenced from 29 March 2022 and will now lapse on 29 July 2022.

The department pointed out that the General Policy on the Allocation of Commercial Fishing Rights 2021 and the Fisheries sector specific policies allow for any applicant, interested or affected person to appeal to the forestry, fisheries and the environment minister against the decisions of the Delegated Authority in any respective fishing sector.

According to the department, potential appellants have indicated that they are dissatisfied with the release of information in a redacted format and they seek access to all information relating to FRAP 2021.

The forestry, fisheries and the environment minister, Barbara Creecy, has accordingly decided to extend the FRAP 2021 appeal period by a further 60 days to allow for the “finalisation of the process to obtain consent from the affected applicants, to release their personal and commercial information in compliance with the requirements of PAIA and POPIA, and to give appellants sufficient time to finalise their appeals”.