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Amendments to Statistics Act in the Pipeline

March 19, 2020

Statistics South Africa

Amendments to the Statistics Act are in the pipeline.

Statistics South Africa recently briefed parliament on the proposed amendments.

According to StatsSA, the lack of sufficient authority provided by the act to the Statistician-General (SG) to coordinate the statistical system has resulted in inadequate implementation of the coordination role of the SG.

As a result, the SG’s ability to adequately meet the data needs of government and other stakeholders may be compromised.

In order to strengthen the coordination role of the SG, the decision was taken to amend the act.

Proposed amendments include amending the provisions dealing with the powers and duties of the Statistician-General; make provision for the development and implementation of the National Statistics System and National Strategy for the Development of Statistics by the Statistician-General; strengthen co-ordination and enhance collaboration amongst data producers and data users by creating an enabling environment for the production and consumption of quality statistics within the Republic; make provision for the establishment of statistics units by organs of state and establish a Statistical Clearing House in order to promote the functions and objectives of the National Statistics System.

StatsSA confirmed that inputs from state law advisors have been incorporated in the final draft amendment bill.

Next steps are to complete the Socio-Economic Impact Assessment System process, certification of the draft bill by the chief state law advisor and submit to cabinet for approval prior to tabling in parliament.