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Amendments to National Small Business Act on Track

December 3, 2020

Department of Small Business Development

Proposed amendments to the National Small Business Act were finalised during 2019/20.

The small business development department revealed this in a briefing on its 2019/20 annual report in parliament.

The department added that the finalization of the proposed amendments paves a critical path to the establishment of the Ombud Service.

The finalization also allowed the Executive Authority to draw up a draft bill for tabling in cabinet.

The department confirmed that a cabinet memorandum has been submitted to the small business development minister on the consolidated proposed amendments of the Draft National Small Enterprise Bill.

The department also announced that the position paper on Alternate Dispute Resolution has been finalised.

At the end of 2019, the department, in a briefing to the national council of provinces on its 2018/19 annual report, reported that stakeholder engagements and the drawing up of policy positions that will inform the amendments to the act are underway.

The department also indicated that the co-operatives registration process was reviewed in order to ascertain areas of development for co-operatives and identify areas that may be negatively affecting them.

The department added that the review was also conducted with the “aim of coming up with proposals for improvements which can be effected in order to ensure that Co-operatives are seamlessly and purposefully formed and registered in order to improve the sustainability of Co-operatives”.

In terms of the Small Enterprise Development Masterplan Framework and the Funding model guideline, approval was deferred due to disruptions in work arrangements emanating from the Covid-19 pandemic.

The plan is to present the Small Enterprise Development Masterplan Framework to EXCO during the 2020/21 financial year.