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Amendments Proposed to Civil Aviation Regulations.

March 28, 2019

Department of Transport

28 March 2019

Amendments are proposed to the Civil Aviation Regulations.

The transport department published the draft amendments in Government Gazette 42333 for comment.

The regulations flow from the Civil Aviation Act.

Some the parts to be amended include:

• Part 65 (Air Traffic Service Personnel Licensing);
• Part 91 (General Aviation and Operating Flight Rules);
• Part 121 (Air Transport Operations – Carriage on Aeroplanes of more than 19 Passengers or Cargo);
• Part 127 (Commercial Helicopter Operations: Passengers, Cargo and Mail); and
• Part 187 (Fees and Charges).

Amendments to the Technical Standards are also proposed including on pilot licensing, corporate operations, commercial helicopter operations and air transport operations.

Comment on the draft amendments is invited until 24 April 2019.