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Air Traffic Service Charges Adjusted

January 9, 2020

Department of Transport

9 January 2020

Adjusted air traffic service charges have been drawn up.

The transport department published the revised fees in Government Gazette 42927.

The Air Traffic and Navigation Services Company SOC Limited adjusted the charges in terms of the Air Traffic and Navigation Services Company Act.

Air traffic service charges are levied by the Company on the operator of an aircraft for the provision of air traffic services to that operator.

Three air traffic service charges are in place, namely, an Aerodrome Charge, a TMA Access Charge and an Area Charge.

Charges include R1,627,06 per hour for search mission co-ordination services and R3,254.11 per hour for extended air traffic service charges.

Aircraft that take off and land at the same airport are not liable for an area charge.

The adjusted fees kick in on 1 April 2020.

Meanwhile, in Gazette 42939, the department published proposed Railway Safety Regulator permit fees for comment.

The proposed fees were drawn up in terms of the National Railway Safety Regulator Act.

Application fees for general safety permits include R59 093 for Group A operators transporting mining goods, R19 363 for Group B operators transporting dangerous goods and R3 493 for Group C operators transporting passengers or general freight.

A Test and Commissioning Safety Permit will cost R1 355 780 for Group A operators while Group C operators will be charged R54 232.

Comment is invited within 30 days of the date of publication.

In Gazette 42940, the department published proposed amendments to the Civil Aviation Regulations.

Parts to be amended include Part 1 (Definitions & Abbreviations relating to Regulation 139); Part 24 (Airworthiness – Non-type Certificated Aircraft); Part 91 (General Aviation & Operating Flight Rules); Part 127 (Commercial Helicopter Operations: Passengers, Cargo & Mail); Part 139 (Aerodromes & Heliports); Part 175 (Aeronautical Information Services) and Part 187 (Fees relating to Regulation 141).

Amendments are also proposed to technical standards.

Comment on the proposed amendments is invited until 3 February 2020.