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Ad Hoc Joint Committee on Flood Disaster to be Set Up

April 29, 2022


Parliament is to set up an Ad Hoc Joint Committee on Flood Disaster Relief and Recovery.

In a statement, parliament confirmed that, at separate hybrid plenary sessions earlier this week, the national assembly and the national council of provinces agreed on the establishment of the ad hoc joint committee.

According to parliament, the setting up of the ad hoc committee was fully supported by members of parliament from both houses.

It follows the announcement of a national state of disaster by president Ramaphosa earlier this month.

The ad hoc joint committee’s key objectives are to engage relevant government departments and entities to assess the overall impact of the damage, response and relief measures by national government; oversee the response and implementation of the relief measures by government; interact with all relevant committees to facilitate coordinated oversight function and exercise powers in Joint Rule 32 to further the committee’s mandate.

The ad hoc joint committee must report back to parliament by 30 November 2022.