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2021 Postage Rates for Reserved Postal Services Set Down

February 1, 2021

Independent Communications Authority

Postage rates and service fees for the reserved postal services for 2021 have been set down.

The Independent Communications Authority (ICASA) published the revised rates and fees in Government Gazette 44117.

The reserved postal services include all letters, postcards, printed matter, small parcels and other postal articles.

The notice focuses on limits of mass and size of postal articles in the domestic service; list of postage rates and service fees payable on postal articles posted in South Africa for delivery in South Africa; domestic parcel service and international mail.

New rates for domestic letters include R53.40 for a booklet of 10 stamps; R5 341 for 1000 stamps; R13. 15 for a large envelope; R7.10 for rolled addressed newspapers; R5.34 for a small postcard; R11.50 for response mail; R380.50 for a business reply service new licence; R300.50 for franking machine licences renewal and R41.55 for interception/redirection of a parcel.

In terms of domestic parcel service, counter to counter costs R66.90 for the first kilogram and R9.00 for each additional kilogram or part of a kilogram.

ICASA also points out that exchange control regulations apply equally to postal items as they do to other exports.

Generally, items of a value of more than R1 000 require specific export documents to be completed.

The new rates and fees apply from 1 April 2021.