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2020 South African STI Indicators Report Released

September 10, 2020

Department of Science and Innovation

The 2020 South African Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) Indicators Report has been released.

The science and innovation department announced the release in a recent statement on the launch of the report and a policy forum on the state of innovation in the country.

According to the department, stakeholders at the launch declared that “urgent steps need to be taken for South Africa to realise its economic growth and human development targets and to place the country where it ought to be among the world’s nations”.

The report revealed that the current state of STI in South Africa is less than ideal.

The policy forum included a presentation on the reviews of the National Research and Development Strategy and the Ten-Year Innovation Plan, as well as a presentation on the Agricultural Business Innovation Survey 2016-2018.

The National Advisory Council on Innovation reviews the state of STI in South Africa over time and in a global context while drawing up the annual report.

“Thus, it provides all stakeholders, including the government, private sector, civil society and academia, with critical feedback on the country’s strengths and weaknesses in the STI domain.”

The department points out that the 2020 STI Indicators Report reflects progress on some indicators while also identifying areas of concern.

“Although South Africa’s research system, particularly public institutions such as universities and science councils, has shown a steady increase in scientific publications over many years, more recent performance indicates a decline.”

The department indicated that South Africa’s publications per million of the population declined from 371 in 2017 to 360 in 2018.