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2020 National Taxi Lekgotla Under the Spotlight

November 2, 2020

The Presidency

The 2020 National Taxi Lekgotla needs to come up with concrete measures to ensure the long-term sustainability of the taxi industry.

President Ramaphosa highlighted this during an address at the opening of the 2020 National Taxi Lekgotla in Ekurhuleni.

The president emphasized that stakeholders share a “common aspiration to see the minibus taxi industry overcome its challenges, adapt in response to the demands of modern public transportation, and ultimately to grow and thrive”.

The strategy focuses on formalisation, regulation and economic empowerment.

The president declared that challenges that have tarnished the reputation of the industry need to be addressed.

“These include the issue of labour relations and allegations of exploitation of workers; the high number of road accidents involving taxis; the industry’s response to the rise of e-hailing services; and compliance with tax laws,” he said.

Other issues on the agenda include addressing the conflict relating to competition over routes and the associated acts of violence and criminality; subsidization; the Taxi Recapitalisation Programme; access to finance and skills development; a compact anchored in the rule of law; the eradication of illegal operations; formalizing the taxi industry in order to contribute to the tax revenue base and improve working conditions for employees and dealing with sexism and gender-based violence so that women are, and feel, safe when travelling in taxis.