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2019 SEP Adjustment for Medicines Announced

January 28, 2019

Department of Health

The single exit price (SEP) of medicines and scheduled substances for 2019 may be adjusted to a maximum of 3.78% of the SEP of medicines available as at 21 December 2018.

The health department announced the adjustment in Government Gazette 42183 in terms of the Medicines and Related Substances Act.

Applications for adjustments of the SEP can be submitted between 11 January 2019 until 22 February 2019.

However, medicines with the SEP approved after 21 December 2019 are not eligible for the annual single exit price adjustment (SEPA) for 2019.

Only one application can be made in the 2019 cycle although a resubmission can be made for eligible medicines not previously approved for an adjustment in the 2019 period.

The final date for resubmissions is set at 1 March 2019.

Information and instructions for the SEPA submissions for 2019 are set down in the notice.

Meanwhile, in Notice 28, the department published the adjusted dispensing fee for pharmacists.

The dispensing fee flows from the regulations relating to a transparent pricing system for medicines and schedules substances.

The dispensing fees include:

• Single exit price less than R109.56 – R14.50 plus 46% of the price;
• Single exit price between R109.57 and R292.25 – R27.75 plus 33% of price;
• Single exit price between R292.26 and R1022.94 – R79.00 plus 15% of price; and
• Single exit price of R1022.95 and above – R182.00 plus 5% of price.

In Notice 27, the dispensing fee for doctors, dentists and nurses etc has been adjusted.

For medicines costing less than R124, the dispensing fee must not exceed 30% of the SEP while a dispensing fee of not more than R37.20 must be charged for medicines costing R124 and more.